That Time Again

I went to turn the computer on today only to find it making a very loud,whirring sound.  I pulled it out and saw a ton of dust in the vent.  It needed a cleaning.

Taking it apart and cleaning it isn’t so hard.  With the combination of some compressed air and the vacuum cleaner (which I always feel I shouldn’t be using), I can knock it out pretty quickly.  It’s getting it back into its home in my desk that is a pain. The cords aren’t quite long enough and therefore I have to pull the desk away from the wall and plug them in from behind.  This time it went a little smoother than usual.  But I still can’t wait for the day when everything is cordless.
Today I also plugged some holes in our front yard.  Julie claims they are chipmunk holes, which may be true, but I am more afraid of snakes going down those holes, unless it’s to kill those annoying chipmunks.  Actually, I think chipmunks are super cute, so I hate for them to be killed by snakes.  We shall see if adding soil to these holes helps.  My guess is no.  The yard has all these terrible looking dark patches in it now.  And I didn’t even have enough for the backyard.

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