PROC Proctoring

No, I didn’t get to run SAS code today.  Rather, I volunteered to help out at my sons’ school proctoring an AP Spanish test.  I arrived around 7:15am and students were to start arriving around 7:30.  Instead, they didn’t start filing in until about 7:45 because of some special breakfast the Spanish teacher was having for them this morning.  The test started promptly at 8am with 47 students in all.  Initially, I helped bag their cell phones and put them in another room. No cell phones or back packs are allowed at their desks.

After this, it was pretty darn dull.  Other than leave for a moment to use the restroom, I paced around the room, sat for awhile, stood for awhile, and looked around to see if anyone was either cheating or needed help.  There was no way any of these kids were going to cheat.  I could just tell.  And only one needed my help, which was my pleasure. There was one other parent there as well, and two teachers, because later we would divide the kids into two separate rooms for an audio part of the test where I assumed they spoke Spanish.  I stayed in the main room.  The other parent and I walked around several times with a tissue box.  I never heard so much sniffling in my life.  One kid had a bunch of dirty tissues under his desk.  I centered in on him several times, but he would pass on my offering. Perhaps he was carrying his own.
I was there a total of FIVE hours, and me and the other parent actually left about 15 minutes early.  I got permission to go from the Vice Principal.  During this time, I considered several times pulling out a book that I brought along.  However, no one else was reading so I stayed pat.  But later when we divided up and me and one of the teachers was with the 2nd set of kids, I couldn’t take it anymore.  By that time it was probably 11:45am, so I didn’t get much reading in.  While it’s hard to read and watch the kids, it was just as effective as many times I was probably staring off into la-la land anyway, or playing with a rubber band I found.
And to think I have to do this all over again next Monday.  

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