Double Good

I made a trip to two different Goodwill stores today for no particular reason.  The first one was coming back from an interview in the Perimeter area.  I always gravitate to the books first, but then I tried to look at clothes.  But when the pants aren’t ordered by size, it’s pretty much fruitless.  No way.  I should have looked at hats too, but forgot.

After I left, I noticed a text from Julie asking me to look for a couple items that Roman could use in the play they are doing this summer, “The Wizard of Oz.”  In the afternoon I decided we should go check out the other Goodwill store, which was fairly new (last year maybe?) and I had never been to it.  Once again, I was pulled in by the book magnet, and found a copy of David McCollough’s “Truman”, which I had been looking for at various book sales.  Easy decision.  But because Mitchell called to tell us he was home from school but could not get into the house because he forgot his key (actually, he LOST it a year ago, he just told us today), we had to cut the trip a bit short.  I was willing to stay longer, but I could tell Julie wanted to leave as she checked out before I had looked at clothes, etc.
Perhaps I will go back tomorrow?

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