How Long Will This Last?

I came upon a product today called Max Recorder as I was test driving a different product called TuneUp, which cleans up your iTunes library.  As it is, I find my iTunes library to be pretty clean, so not sure how much of a need I have for this product.  But Max Recorder is intriguing.  It allows you to record music from Pandora, YouTube, and the service I am most interested in above all others – Spotify.  And it will naturally split the songs, so you can listen to a whole album and pretty much create MP3’s from it.  The only downside is that you have to label each recording, so there is no way to extract the titles from the CDDB or anything like that.  At least not that I am aware.

Of course, the other downside is whether this is legal.  For all I know, this could be closed down next week.  I recall Chrome having an extension that could record anything from YouTube (believe it was audio only), but that’s no longer functioning.  If this service doesn’t stick, then someday someone will surely get around the legal issue.

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