Earlier today we were cleaning out the garage and trying to get the kids to participate. However, there were more interesting things for them to do inside, like TV and video games.  We would call them out to do something specific, and then they would go back in.  Par for the course.  But Grace came out at one time complaining about how Roman jumped on the laptop as soon as she got off and wanted one of us to go inside and tell him it was her turn.  Instead, I proposed she help us and we treat her to lunch….just the three of us.

We continued to work past noon, but then the rain forced us to call it quits.  That was OK with me, as I was getting eager to go out.  Max arrived home and asked what was for lunch.  That’s when we talked about ALL going out since we wouldn’t be able to do anything for Mother’s Day.  Grace wouldn’t have any of that.  She kept reminding us about what we said and didn’t want anyone else along.  We told her plans can change.  Somehow, she won out.  I was furious just thinking about it later in the day.
Now tonight she wanted us to alter our church schedule so she could go to see some “play” our neighbor is in that she was invited to attend.  No way is it a play.  My guess is it is a church skit about Mother’s Day.  Julie wants us all to be together, but again, Grace would have none of that.  She went upstairs and bawled for about an hour.  I believe she is done now.
I am happy that we didn’t give in to her tonight like we did earlier today.  While she did probably deserve something extra for helping us out, we could have easily made up for it another day.  I guess I often forget what the boys were like at her age and probably should go easier on her.  They may have been the same way and I just don’t remember because I am used to the “more mature” version of the boys.  However, I would make an argument she already IS more mature than Roman, but that’s a whole other discussion.

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