Python Will Be the Death of Me

I spent about 4 hours tonight trying to get the basics out of the way to complete an assignment for the free Data Science course I am taking.  I never realized it was going to be such a hassle and I may end up dropping it all together.  I installed at least 2 different text editors (IDE’s), some module called oauth2 for Python, setuptools to complete the installation of the oauth2 module, Github, authorization to access Twitter feed data, and I am sure there was something else.  Each step always met with some complication.  And the worst part about it is something as simple as executing a Python script is not as intuitive as I hoped. Their GUI allows you to hit F5 and watch it run (which my script works), but the assignment calls for sending it to an output file and when I use F5, it does not show the command it uses to run it and alter the code.  You would THINK something like this would be easy to figure out, but it’s not and it’s driving me batty.  I finally succumbed to posting an entry on the discussion board, which many people have.  It’s so much technical stuff to work through and you would think the instructor might have preconstructed databases instead.  I guess he wants us to learn the hoops we must jump through, but I feel like a monkey doing some of this prep work, never exactly sure what I am doing.

I hope to make headway tomorrow, because if I don’t, I might be bidding sayonara to the class.

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