Point of No Return

Yesterday we dropped off several items at Goodwill after cleaning up the garage.  Of course, we decided to go in and see what the had to buy as well.  For once, I didn’t spend all my time going through their books and CDs, but looked at clothes as well.  I found two quality dress shirts in really good shape.  I also found two polo style shirts I decided to get.  Now these I should have probably put under more scrutiny.  First off, unlike the dress shirts, I wasn’t able to put them over what I was wearing to see how they fit.  I could have, but I rarely wear a t-shirt under that style shirt.  Furthermore, one of them was a large that still had the tag on it, so it had to fit since I am usually somewhere between a medium and a large.  This shirt had never been washed if it still had the tag, right?  But also, these shirts, like the dress shirts, were $4.94 each, which really isn’t all that great a deal.

When I tried it on at home, I realized why someone may have given it to Goodwill in the first place.  There was no way this shirt was a large.  It had a tight fit.  Goodwill’s policy is no returns, so I am stuck with it, unless I want to return it to them for no money.  Guess I need to focus on losing weight now.
And not to say I didn’t walk away with any books or CDs.  I did buy a book called “Founding Brothers” and an old Bob Welch LP.  Can’t resist the itch.

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