Special Recipe for My Lady

Since Julie’s primary gift for Mother’s Day is going to be the house cleaning (assuming we can afford it), I wanted to do something else special for her.  So last night she told me about a recipe she saw on my sister’s blog for Strawberry Stuffed French Toast.  Didn’t sound too difficult, so while she was out picking up Mitchell from another game night in Woodstock last night, I ran out to get the ingredients I would need….namely strawberries, cream cheese, and French bread. Only the best.

My original plan was to make it for breakfast, but I convinced Julie it would be better to have it for lunch, allowing me to sleep longer.  Probably a good thing as I think we might have been rushed.  It took me nearly an hour from start to finish. Plus, we weren’t going anywhere for Mother’s Day with KMart giving her an 8 hour shift (nutty).
I screwed up along the way as I tried to mixed cream cheese with strawberry jam with the cream cheese coming straight out of the fridge.  It was supposed to be at room temperature.  Luckily it called for only 4oz and I had 8oz.  So I scrapped what I was using and  put the remaining cream cheese in the microwave on defrost for a bit.  
I almost messed it all up again when I was confused by instructions regarding how to cut a “groove” in the bread to stuff the cream cheese mixture and strawberries.  I started hollowing a piece out when Julie asked if I had even looked at the picture.  I did, but briefly. And I didn’t have it in front of me in the kitchen.  So she showed me what to do and even got the griddle ready for me.
Everyone enjoyed the French toast, though it took awhile to convince Max to eat it.  I don’t think he could get past the cream cheese.  But as Julie said, it was almost like eating a big dessert, so I don’t think we are likely to make it again any time soon.  

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