Last Day of Soccer

Today was the last day of homeschool soccer and the first day I went this year.  I picked a good day to go because there was a pizza party afterward.  And Mitchell came along to since he was out of school early (finals week) to play with the older kids.

But it may not have been the best day to watch them play.  It seemed like every time I went over to Roman’s field, there was no action going on…..just instruction.  And Grace was kind of getting under my skin because she was playing on defense but not paying any attention to the game, constantly talking to her teammate and having her back to the game.  Julie told me she likes to play defense.  I know why.  And to make matters worse, I came back to find her laying under the bleachers because she was “too hot”.  Never mind that the rest of the team was out there playing.  There were a couple other girls sitting out, but I think they might have suffered an injury.  Not sure.  When I told her to go back in for the last 3 minutes of the game, she moped her way back on the field.  

No natural born athletes in this family.

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