Dunkin’ Donuts

After stopping at the library today to pick up our zoo pass for Monday, Roman and I stopped at a Dunkin’ Donuts across the street.  It was around 3:45pm.  It’s been years (maybe decades) since I stepped foot in a Dunkin’ Donuts. I believe I might have gone through a drive thru a couple years back for coffee, but even this is suspect since I am not sure if they have drive thru.  Julie put the idea of donuts in our heads, and it didn’t seem like a good idea to come home without them.

We really only needed five, as Max doesn’t eat donuts.  He claims he doesn’t like them, though I bet he eats them secretly but doesn’t want to lose face in front of us.  But as I am looking at the selection, which was decent for an afternoon, I decide to get six because I figure it’s a better deal.  
After we leave with our donuts, I ask Roman, “How much was it again for one donut?”  He answers: “99 cents”, which is what I thought I saw.  Yet I just paid $5.99 for 6.  He lets me know my mistake: “You would have saved money buying 6 individually.”  I have never witnessed anything like it.  Could this be true?  Did we both see the one donut price wrong?  Doubtful.  Who would want to pay more than $1 for a donut?  It’s really crazy.  I feel like going back to Dunkin’ Donuts again just so I can ask: “What’s up with that?”

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