Senior Play

Tonight is the last night for “Murder in the Heir”, an interactive mystery being put on by my son’s high school.  Max is the “lead” role.  That’s in quotes because he is the one that is murdered and the audience gets to choose who did it.  His character is a old billionaire who decides to void his will and write a new one, naming himself an heir after he clones himself.  Max also plays the grandson of the victim, who helps a detective investigate the case.  He did a great job and it’s interesting how he went from having very small parts in the last play to being a large part of this one.  Actually, all participants had a large part.  It’s was very much an ensemble.

We watched the play last night and the killer was the butler, Bensonhurst, if that means anything to you.  I almost chose him, but decided on maid Nancy instead.  Because it’s different every night, those who are suspects had to prepare to deliver a monologue in case his/her character is chosen.  I think it’s a pretty cool idea.
What wasn’t such a cool idea was Max inviting the principal to be in his prom picture.

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