Wells Fargo

If my respect for Wells Fargo wasn’t shot before, it is now.  A month ago I went into a branch and asked about a $19 charge on my Wells Fargo credit card, indicating it was for their rewards program.  OK, stop.  First, who charges for a rewards program?  And second, if you do, would it be $19?  Here’s the kicker, when I was at the branch, I had to talk to someone over the phone who told me they have a FREE program, and she would switch me. Now what about the charge?  The person at the bank tells me he will put in a request to have it waived and gives me a sheet promising it would be addressed by May 6th.

On the 6th I saw no change.  I then called the credit card and was told by the person on the phone that she could see a waiver request and it would be processed with the next billing cycle on the 15th.  You know what’s coming.  I check on the 16th and still no change.  This happens to be the ONLY charge on the card, as I don’t use it.  And as soon as I get this figured out, there’s a 99% chance I will be closing the card.
Not wanting to get on the phone, I send an e-mail and immediately get a reply saying “sorry for the charge, but there is nothing we can do.  Have a nice day.”  Say what?  I call and the person on the other end of the phone isn’t registering the gravity of the situation.  #1 – I do not want to wait for another billing cycle as I will incur finance AND late charges if it’s not paid.  She isn’t answering my question about whether it is going to be waived.  She then puts me on hold and comes back to tell me “my supervisor is going to take care of it.”  No mention of who the supervisor is, when I should see it…..nothing.  I ask for names and all I get is her name (Terri) and supervisor is Vicki.  If there is more than one of EITHER of these names, heads will roll.  
The problem with Wells Fargo is there is no accountability anymore. An individual will often promise things and then wash his hands of it.  A lot of them disappear from the branch they work so you can never talk to the same person.  I just read in Quirk’s today that their “quality” (I honestly can’t remember what it was called) rating moved from negative to positive in a recent survey. I don’t know when the survey was conducted, but I expect that rating to go back down to the cellar soon.  They weren’t always like this.  I don’t know what it will take me to get me to change ALL my accounts (with the exception of loans), but I am getting there.

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