Cross Off My List

A few weeks back, Roman bought a game for the Wii called “Fortune Street” and I have wanted to play it for some time.  It looked a bit like Monopoly, but involved trading stocks.  I wasn’t sure if it would be over his head.  Today we finally played it, and Roman won!  We didn’t even bother to read the instructions.  Since we were playing with 2 computer characters, we eventually mimicked them to make money.  Like in Monopoly, the idea is to own all the “shops” in one or more districts.  But you can also buy stock in a district, and get a little reward when other people are collecting. You can also BUY other people’s properties by offering ponying up about 5 times the determined value.  I did this and was the first to own all the properties in one district, but then the computer character got some special card (kind of like Chance) that allowed him to go to any square and he quickly put an end to my monopoly. Stinks.  Later, that same computer character, who I was sure was going to win, made a swap with Roman (not sure how you do this) that gave them both a monopoly.  When it looked like the computer character might win, I bought a bunch of stock in Roman’s district, driving up the price, which increased Roman’s value as well.  It’s not what gave him the win, but it helped.  I wasn’t sure if the game was ever going to end, but apparently it’s the first person to $12,0000.

I’d love to try it again now that I know what I am doing, but I would like fewer computer characters.  And I need to block out about 4 hours in the day!

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