Zoo Atlanta

Today we used our free tickets to Zoo Atlanta, and what a bargain it was.  I don’t recall the price of children’s tickets, but an adult costs $21.99, which is a bit extreme for a relatively small zoo.  Like the Tampa Zoo, as well as many other zoos, it’s in a residential part of the city, so there is little room for expansion.  It’s the 2nd time we have gone since we lived here, but it felt new to me because I did not recall the layout at all.

We arrived right when it opened, so we barely passed anyone for the first hour.  And then a ton of school kids showed up in buses, which is surprising since school is almost over for the year.  There was a theme going on today, and that theme was pooping.  First we saw a panda bear poop, and though it was disgusting, did not compare to a Sun bear pooping.  The panda’s poo was a compacted yellow egg-shaped specimen, while the Sun bear’s poo (also yellow) was a disaster.  Looked more like someone throwing up.  Later on we would witness a Great Pyrenees take a dump, but that was outside the zoo.
There were notable absences today, such as giraffes and red pandas, which my daughter claims is her favorite animal now.  However, this was the first time in a while that I was able to get birds to eat the food I was providing in an aviary.  They weren’t famished, but the parakeets did oblige.
I didn’t really have a favorite exhibit.  Everything seemed rather low-key today.  Many animals put their backs to us and remained that way.  Nothing that I can recall came right up to the glass, unless you count the nasty snakes. I hate snakes. Julie and Grace said the birds were interesting today, and I would have to agree.  
We stayed for about 3.5 hours, and I had a massive headache at the time we left.  It wasn’t due to the sun or heat; I just don’t think I got enough sleep.  We stopped at Atlantic Station on the way home and got sandwiches at Which Wich.  My headache subsided after that.

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