Now It’s My Son’s Turn

Now that I have my job situation figured out, it was time to take my son around town this afternoon to apply for jobs.  We headed south of our home and our first stop was Pinkberry.  Then we hit another yogurt place in Yowgli Mogli.  Then it was Smoothie King.  See a pattern?  The pattern pretty much stopped there as we hit Petco, Fresh Market, Chick-Fil-A, and the list goes on.  The messages varied from not hiring to fill out an application online,  waste of time in my opinion for first time job hunter.  I told Mitchell to try and find out when the manager would be in as that is your best chance of getting hired.  I used to hire people on the spot at Pretzel Time.  Max got hired at McDonald’s once I got the manager’s name and availability.  Firehouse Subs made me mad as whoever was working there apparently told Mitchell he didn’t know when the manager would be in.  That’s bull.  Check the schedule, dummy.  I would have said something, but it’s obvious he shouldn’t even bother.

Another store told him to come back at 7pm when the manager is in.  Now I don’t know if he was necessarily told they were hiring, but when we went back, he was told they were not hiring.  Waste of time, but I don’t think the store (D’Lites ice cream) has much of a future.  
We stopped at the library afterwards and it appears he will be doing volunteer work there.  I know they want 6-9 hours, but I told him that they will work with you on whatever you can do.  
Our last stop was Kroger, and we were told once again to apply online.  So then we shopped for a bunch of stuff. A night out with the son.  Good times!  Better him than me now.

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