Almost Slipped Up Again

Before I left for the gym today, I luckily worked at my computer for awhile.  When I opened Outlook, it told me Arrow Exterminators was coming in 5 minutes!  I totally forgot I scheduled the appointment.  Max still would have been here if I left and could have called me, but it’s still good I stalled for a bit.

Speaking of Max, I am realizing he is not wanting to spend a dime on music if he thinks it’s something I might buy. Take the new Vampire Weekend album for example.  I am pretty sure he wants it, but he knows I might get it too. Had I waited for my dad to buy the music I liked, well, let’s just say it never would have happened.  Heck, not only was I paying for my music back then (at prices equal or more than today!), I also bought a stereo system for close to $1,000.  Anyway, I ended up buying the album for him as a birthday gift.  Not sure why that didn’t occur to me earlier.

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