Difficult Night of Sleep

On Wednesday I went to the gym and did more weight training than usual.  One of the exercises I did was the hip abduction machines, which you have to spread your legs and then bring your knees together using two pads that pull up weight.  I probably did about 2 sets of 12 of these.  

The next day I was sore, but I lived with it.  However, last night I realized just how much it hurt.  I believe I was waking up every time I turned my body.  Several times I considered getting up to get ibuprofen, but I knew it was downstairs in the kitchen.  I kept dreaming that someone else was getting it for me, so I was never quite sure if I took any.  But then I realized how much the inside of my legs hurt and realized there was no way I tool the medicine.
I am feeling much better now, but I still walk a bit funny.  With my height, weight, and unusual walk, I look like I might be auditioning for The Penguin from Batman.

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