Lounging Around

We went to meet the “families at the dam” again this Memorial Day weekend, but it wasn’t really the usual suspects. In fact, I barely knew anyone.  But I had fun watching the kids jump off the rocks into the water, until an adult put a stop to it.  We also went to a beach area and I about fell asleep sitting in a chair in the shade.  For lunch we had Subway sandwiches.  They were made around 9:30am.  I wonder just how many sandwiches they sell that early that aren’t breakfast sandwiches?  I wasn’t even sure if they would be open.

We had to leave early so that Julie could get to work on time.  But I took the kids to the pool around 5pm today and lounged in a chair reading my book.  Never even got in the pool.
After dinner, I went shopping at the grocery store, but must have done something else first that I can’t remember.  I did some terribly inefficient shopping and didn’t get home until 9:50.  I was shocked to find that Grace had not come home from Ellie’s house and that Roman did not get in the shower like I asked.  Guess I won’t be leaving so late again.

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