Another Day For Meeting With Folks

Today was Memorial Day so that meant another picnic down at the community pool.  We never really committed to going, but when the neighbors decided to go, Julie whipped up some cookies as a dessert (since our street was designated to bring a dessert) and we went.  We had no intention of staying as long as we did.  We arrived around 1:30pm, got our hamburger and other delights (including some delicious couscous), and sat down at a picnic table with our neighbor and some other people we never met. It was a couple with a girl who was currently a student at UGA, so we picked her brain about life at school so we could pass it along to Max.  We talked about other subjects as we baked in the sun.  The sun finally went in for a bit, but that wasn’t until about 3:45pm.  We left around 4pm and the party had already started clearing. 

I tried to get the family to watch “Linclon” this evening, but in the end it was just Julie and I.  Powerful movie, but younger kids would be bored out of their skulls.  And who keeps casting Sally Field?  As my wife put it: “She’s distracting.”  It’s as if she is always playing herself.

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