Busy Morning and Short Afternoon

This was the 2nd day for Mitchell’s cross country summer running and I had to bring him down to Columns Dr.  I used to drop Max off here on my way to work and then he would get a ride home.  Mitchell’s not as adept at getting rides, so I figured I would have to pick him up.  I drove all the way back towards our area and decided to wash the Mazda after getting the van washed yesterday.  The early bird special entitled me to a $2 dollar discount.  Since I wasn’t getting the hand dry, I stayed in the car as it went through the wash and drove right out.  Pretty quick.  I then took the Matrix to have it serviced and walked back from the shop.  Mitchell called before I got back to our house, so I was half walking/half running in my sandals to get home and get him.  I believe he was the last one to leave.

Before I knew it, it was noon.  Everyone but Max and I was at play practice once again, so I took Max to Zaxby’s and we talked about college and life in general.  I guess I am getting anxious for him to decide what he wants to do for a major, but it’s still not clear. 
Of course, after lunch his friends wanted to meet with him, so I drove him all the way down to the Mellow Mushroom past Lassiter since the car was not ready.  I couldn’t resist going into the Goodwill store and bought another paperback (Koontz’s “77 Shadow Street”).  It was there I realized I left my hat at Zaxby’s and had to go back to claim it.
I brought the kids to the swim meet at 4:45 after picking up the Matrix with Max.  The swim meet actually doesn’t start until 6pm so there is a lot of waiting around, which for me was reading time.  We weren’t able to win this meet as a team either, but Grace did win two first place ribbons (breaststroke and a relay) and Mitchell’s relay team took first place.  The latter was surprising because, for the first time, I saw the boys coach get beaten.  All of them improved on their times.
Afterwards we went to Yogli Mogli to celebrate….our loss. I don’t know if it’s something we are going to be able to do often, as it’s expensive (close to $20 for 5).  If anything, I will stay home next time.

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