Good Times!

 We went to Mountasia for the first time today.  It’s a mini-golf & go-kart place that also has arcade games.  We pass by it all the time, but you can only see the sign off Barrett Parkway.  I have been wanting to go for some time.  They have a bunch of promotions, including a homeschool day in which you get unlimited mini-golf and video games (but only the ones that don’t spit out tickets) for $6.  Considering there are 3 different mini-golf courses and a good selection of games (including air hockey), that’s not a bad deal at all.  They already have the same deal for $12 on Tuesday and Thursday, so this is half off of that.

The best part about it all was we got the entire family involved this time around.  It seems rare that all six of us do something together anymore.  We started by going to the Pacific Buffet which is right across the street.  It’s the first time we had been to this place as well, and it may be my favorite Chinese/sushi buffet around now.  It was delicious.  But like with any buffet, I have a propensity to overeat a bit.  It was worth it this time.  There were a ton of different sushi selections.  On the main bar, there was crabmeat wrapped in bacon, chicken meatballs, delicious soups, terrific lo mein, etc.  I can’t say enough good things.
We hit Mountasia around 1:30pm and immediately went to golf.  We split into two groups, with Max, Mitchell, and I going first.  I only did this because Grace was complaining about golfing with me.  Apparently I offer to much instruction or badger her.  I don’t know.  As we would find out about 9 holes later, she doesn’t like to golf with Julie either.  So she ended up walking the rest of the course with us.  Max ended up winning quite impressively.  
Afterwords we played video games to get out of the heat, though I should mention it was not a hot day.  In fact, it had been raining earlier in the morning, so if anything it might have been a bit humid.  I’m surprised how occupied we were with the games.  Julie went to Tetris first, and Roman played NBA Blitz with me for a bit.  There were plenty of racing games to try out as well.  I also enjoyed a hunting game that allowed two people to compete in shooting deer, lions, mountain goats, etc.  I noticed a lot more people in the arcade then there were golfing.  Since there wasn’t anything you needed to do to play the games for free, my guess is there had to be some people there that came and just played the games without paying.  I’m not sure of this, but I didn’t see anything stopping someone from doing this.
It took us awhile to stop playing games and get back out to the mini-gold, but we eventually did.  This time we split into kids on one course (zebra) and parents on another (giraffe).  How romantic!  Julie wasn’t quite at her best and I ended up winning by 15 strokes, but we each had a hole in one, so that was cool.  We were back to the video games after this.
We didn’t end up leaving until 6pm and never even tried all four courses.  That’s $6 going a long way if you ask me.  Later in the day I would find out just how tired it made me feel when I went shopping at Walmart.  What should have been a one hour trip took me over 2 hours.  I took a nice long bath tonight.  Felt great.  I’d say it was a pretty fun day, which was the goal.

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