Good Way to Start

I turned on the Spurs vs. Heat game just in time to see Tony Parker make a miraculous shot with barely anything left on the shot clock and only 5.4 seconds left in the game.  The question was whether Parker got the shot off in time, and it was determined he had.  Spurs go on to win.  Sweet!  There is nothing I want to see more than the Heat lose. 

I made a somewhat uninformed comment on Yahoo article about “LeBron’s 15 Defining Moments” just a day ago in which I said LeBron didn’t have as much class as players like Michael Jordan, Bill Russell, and Larry Bird.  You can throw in others; I just named them as examples.  I got more thumbs down then thumbs up and some harsh comments that showed people that comment tend to have even less class.  It’s my opinion.  What can I say?  It tends to be based on me not liking his tattoos and The Decision.  I could never see any of those guys I mentioned doing The Decision.  I don’t follow basketball closely.  Still, I think most of the people that were harsh to me are Heat fans.  If LeBron had stayed with Cleveland, I would like him A LOT more, which I did.  But I don’t anymore, and that’s that.
I want to see the Heat lose.  Simple as that.

One thought on “Good Way to Start

  1. Reed97

    Miami Heat fans are quite possibly the WORST fans of any team anywhere. They show up late to games, know nothing about basketball, and feel they are entitled to everything. If the team is struggling, they don’t show up at all. The Decision was more like The Disaster, and LeBron deservedly continues to pay a PR price for such a display. Had he done so and chosen to stay with Cleveland, he would have saved the whole mess. But choosing Miami of all places? I get that it’s surely a pretty sweet life for him, and there’s no question it helped him win his first title. But the glaring thing from my perspective was that he would choose a place where the fans are so worthless/lame. Of course, wherever he plays, there would be excitement, so I can understand it. And Dwyane Wade got in his ear and told him, “Man, we’ll make history.” And it’s true they have. The second-longest winning streak in the history of the NBA is nothing to sneeze at.(Of course, had he chosen Chicago, I would have found it in my heart to forgive The Decision – just being honest.)I, too, am rooting hard for their downfall for all kinds of reasons. San Antonio did us the solid last night. Let’s see if they can keep it up.


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