Saturday Ruination

Given that I got up before 5am, yesterday was pretty disappointing.  I feel like I did next to nothing.  I didn’t work out, work in the yard, read.  Heck….I didn’t really get a nap in either.  The worst part about it happened around 4pm.   I was at the computer and lightning obviously struck close to the house.  Or did it strike the house?  Whatever happened, the modem was not working properly.  I found that wireless still worked, but the wired devices (desktop and cable receiver in living room) did not work.  After spending about 30 minutes on the phone with AT&T (after my 3rd phone call to them), it was determined that a technician would need to come out to the house.   Someone could come Saturday between 12-4 or 4-8.  I chose 12-4.  It’s now after 3pm.  I am unforgiving of any company that schedules such a large window and then can’t make it during that window.  And if he tries to charge me saying the wiring was damaged, I will be furious.  I was actually going to go work at the library with Mitchell, and while Julie could have stayed here and waited for the technician, I decided it was best that I did.

Another bad part about all this: I finally got at least Mitchell to commit to watching “Aliens” with us on the DVR and when I sat down to turn it on, I realized the DVR could not be accessed without the availability of the non-working box.  Arrrrrrggggggghhhhhh.

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