Crazy For Skating

One thing I definitely wanted to do before I started my new job was go roller skating with Grace and a friend.  I really wanted to go during the week, but her friend next door had summer camps, etc., that she was attending.  It left the weekend to go.  Yesterday, I heard not a peep from either of them about going, and that was OK because I had to wait around for the cable guy to come.  And the evening was occupied with Mitchell and yet another Woodstock gathering.

Today the skating rink is open from 2-7, but it turns out her friend has vacation Bible school from 3-5.  Nice.  Grace tried calling other people, but couldn’t make it work.  But when I proposed we go another time, she went nutter butters.  She kept saying she doesn’t want to go with a friend, it will be worse, etc., etc.  I wasn’t buying it.  Once something gets on Grace’s radar, you will have a very hard time prying it off.  I wanted to go roller skating too, but it just didn’t happen like I thought it would.  You learn and move on.  I think we are going to go see a dollar movie instead.  Let’s hope it’s not sold out!

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