Bookmooch Jokers

Occasionally, I trade books on a site called Bookmooch, which is not quite as popular as, but I kind of like it more.  My opinion of it is sliding however.  I may have written about this already, but back in April I requested a book from someone on franchising and received an email saying she would mail it out soon.  Two or three weeks went by and nothing arrived,  so I sent her an email.  She writes back saying she never mailed the book.  To make a long story short, crazy Kathy from California never mailed it and when I finally wrote her to tell her off, she THEN writes back and gives me some sob story about her computer being fixed and having no internet.  This was almost TWO MONTHS later.  As it turns out, she used this same story on people that requested from her in March.  She’s a scammer….pure and simple.  Or just a complete idiot.  Or both. I’ll go with the latter.  I got my points back, however, as I was able to mark it “lost”.  

About a week ago I requested another book from a Cathryn in Texas.  It arrived today, but was a completely different edition then what she posted, was very old and beat up, and smelled like grandma’s house.  I threw it in the recycling bin and gave her some negative feedback.  This lady also decided to put some religious literature in the front of it, which after reading other comments, I found out she had done before.  Not appreciated.
These sites always start out promising, bringing people together that have a passion for something and are willing to trade without worrying about profiting.  But then someone like Kathy or Cathryn comes along and ruins it for everyone with their shenanigans.  Do we all need to resort to posting pictures of our actual copy or can we better disclose the condition of the book?  If it’s not worth selling, then it probably isn’t worth trading either.  There was one other copy available and the lady’s disclosure was: “It’s a pretty chewed up copy but still readable.”  Hey, here’s an idea…..donate it.  Some people just don’t get it.

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