Employee Appreciation Day

I have been at work less than a week and yet I got to participate in the festivities today at work that lasted from 11:30-3:30.  They used the upper deck of the parking garage to erect tents to serve food, hold a talent show, and have carnival games.  I went out at 11:30 to meet my boss, but I had a meeting at noon.  I got a hot dog and some baked beans, but I woofed it all down before my boss and other office colleagues showed up.  The worst part about it is I had a second lunch at the meeting, where they catered in Moe’s.  

After the meeting, I returned to the festivities and played carnival games and ate popcorn.  I did surprisingly well at skee ball and another game called bank shot, in which you had to shoot a golf ball (as if you were playing pool) into a hole.  I won two stuffed sharks and two stuffed snakes.  When I came back later after turning in my gym paperwork, I played trivia and won an iTunes gift card, plus a squishy Braves baseball playing skee ball yet again.  What can I say?  It was addictive.

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