Big Storm

I have lived in Kansas, Iowa, near Missouri, and yet I don’t think I have even really been in the path of a tornado.  There was a “microburst” that hit us when we stayed at Julie’s sister one year.  That sent us to the basement and tore part of the roof off a Walmart.  But it wasn’t a tornado.

Well one hit us yesterday, albeit a fairly week one.  We don’t have a basement, so we sat in the living room and looked out the window.  I recall the alarms going off, signifying a tornado warning.  Within 5 minutes, the winds were really blowing.  I found I didn’t have the grill cover on very tight and so it blew off, but luckily didn’t blow away. Also, we have an umbrella in our outdoor furniture.  I was afraid it might come crashing through the window, but it stayed put.  
The power went on and off a few times and then finally went kaput.  Grace hiding under the blanker crying as we all stared out the window in awe.  The whole thing didn’t last very long.  
When it was all over, we walked outside and were stunned by what we found.  Laying across out backyard, fence to fence, was a tree.  None of us heard it comedown or saw it comedown, and it was a rather large tree.  We found it to be our neighbor’s tree.  Therefore, part of the fence was damaged.  In addition, it damaged some limbs from a tree it hit going down.  
The neighbors came out shortly after and we walked around assessing the damage.  The neighbor’s on the other side of us had rather large limbs come down into their driveway and luckily did not hit a car.  After awhile, we started to hear chainsaws and neighbors were out helping neighbors.  Julie and the kids along with our neighbor and daughter walked the neighborhood and came back to tell us things were much worse at the end of the street.  
The storm happened around 7:30pm so a little after 9pm it was time to go inside.  We had turned the air conditioner up on the top floor so things were already much warmer up there then downstairs.  The kids slept downstairs and Julie and I slept upstairs.
Max had left to go to trivia night at Roswell about 10 minutes before the storm started so we weren’t sure if he was safe.  As it turns out, he had arrived at Evan’s house with another friend that had picked him up and they never left there.  We told him to go ahead and spend the night there if he wanted because they had power and we did not.  But because his friend had to leave early the next morning, Max came home around 11pm.
The power went on sometime in the middle of the night, so we were spared the worry of having to throw away food.  We weren’t aware that it was classified as a tornado until the next day.  As I drove into work, I witnessed more damage along the main road.  The neighbor is going to have a professional come and chop up the tree in our yard but it won’t be for another week as they work on the emergency work first.  One thing for sure: there are a lot of happy tree cutting companies.

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