Not Much Going Down Today

I spent the morning finally getting the grass trimmer out.  I got off to a late start since there was another tree trimming service at the house today.  Second opinion.  I also wanted to do some bush trimming, but when noon came along, Julie wanted to go have lunch with the neighbors. We all went to Cheeky, which was their first time there.  They wanted to shop at Justice next door, but didn’t know Cheeky was even there.  Or maybe they didn’t know it was Mexican food.  They might not be the only ones, because it wasn’t busy at all.

I guess it wouldn’t  be too surprising if they went under.  I found out today that Pizza 3.14 in Marietta is already closed!  They opened only about a year ago and I have been wanting to go. It was my idea to go there for Father’s Day, so I am glad I checked ahead of time.  It wouldn’t be the first time that we went somewhere only to find out it had closed.  There are two other locations in the area (though farther away), so there’s a possibility we still might get over to one.
The rest of the night went by in a flash.  Julie took Roman to yet ANOTHER teen night in Woodstock.  I guess I read a little bit, but all in all, the day felt like it was two hours long.

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