New Phone for J-Dog

Yesterday I ordered a new phone for Julie and did an in-store pickup today, which I found out the Verizon store just starting doing.  It was pretty quick to get it in my hands, but activating it was another story.  I had two guys involved in the process, and they were stumped.  I felt like I was there for an hour, and I may have been.  I was in a hurry to get out as I wanted to drop it by the store with Julie and then get to the pool.  I told Grace I would be down there shortly after she and Ellie walked down there, and that was around 3:30.  I got there at 5pm, which is exactly when the lifeguard leaves, so they were very happy to see me.  But without my hat and sunglasses, I was starting to bake. I got in the pool and it’s the longest I have been n the pool this year.

To celebrate Father’s Day, we went to GC Barbeque for lunch. It was a our first time and it was delicious.  I should have been buying pulled pork sandwiches there for awhile now.  Max was not able to join us, but I got Domino’s pizza tonight, which is his favorite.  So no cooking for dad, thankfully.
I did not call my dad today.  I didn’t really have anything to tell him.  Hopefully he got my card.  I’ll try him tomorrow.
I hear thunder again.

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