Money for Tree

Looks like we will be paying for some of the damage in our neighborhood.  The tree that straddles the line between our house and our neighbor’s house had limbs fall from it and land in the driveway.  And now we hear it may have scratched the car too.  I have no intention of paying for damage to the car, but we did split the cost of getting the tree addressed.  Except we thought we might get a say in whether or not it was to be trimmed or cut down.  We came home to find a tree service already employed and cutting it down.   So we got stuck with half of $700.  We do get fire wood out of it.

Also, I got my Father’s Day Gifts tonight in the mail.  They were delivered by the postman around 7:30pm.  I opened them right out of the box.  Got the Jim Gaffigan book “Dad is Fat”, which I am excited to read, as well as another Ticket to Ride board.  The boys gave me a bacon wallet as well.  Julie also threw in another gift: a new FM transmitter for the iPod to use in the car.  The fact is I like the one I have and she could use one.  I see it being used in the van.

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