Busy as a Beaver

When I returned from work today, I stopped for a moment to check my personal e-mail, changed my clothes, then gathered up Roman and headed over to the pet store to do a self-pet wash.  It may be the last time I do it.  You pay $8.99 to use their facility and they supply the shampoo and towels and do the clean up.  I like how the dog doesn’t have to wash in freezing cold water too.  But getting Biscuit to climb into their tub was near impossible.  I had to pick him up and he was heavy.  He was doing pretty well, though I was not impressed with the shampoo.  It didn’t seem like very good quality.  I am not sure what I paused to do, but the next thing I know Biscuit is jumping out of the tub!  And he hit the ramp and came down HARD on the floor.  Then it was bedlam as he is shaking himself off, covering the glass door in water and suds, and all the time I am trying to get his rear end back in the tub.  With a little help from Roman, I was finally able to do it.

Plenty of hair came off the dog, but he still had a lot of clumps coming off of him.  And on the way back home I realized my car was going to smell like wet dog as well as have hair all over the backseat.  His hair does fairly closely match the color of my interior, so I guess that’s a good thing.
I picked up Wendy’s and by that time it was 8pm.  I had Mitchell go out and mow the yard and while outside I realized I needed to trim the bushes.  So I got to it, and then I had Roman and Grace (and even Ellie) pick up the debris.  After this was all done, I needed laundry. So I folded what was in the dryer and put some laundry in.  Roman and Grace were still awake so it was time to get them in bed.  As I did this, I realized perhaps I should go to bed too.  Even though I had a cup of coffee and 3 Cokes today, I fell asleep with zero trouble.

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