Yucky End to Season

Seriously….besides the people of Miami, is there anyone that wanted to see the Heat win the NBA Finals?  Awful. I’ll admit that was a great series, but that doesn’t mean I have to like how it ends.  It’s like a really good movie with a lousy ending that cancels out everything that came before it.  Honestly, I didn’t even watch most of Game 7 (or 6, or 5, or 4, or……).  I taped it, in case the Spurs DID win in dramatic fashion.  When I awoke this morning, I checked on my phone to see who won.  I could barely read the text, but I was greeted with a smiling LeBron.  Ugh.  

There should have never even been a game 7.  I tuned into Game 6 when I thought the Spurs were going to win it. They were up by 12.  When things started to deteriorate, I turned it off and never watched what happened with the overtime and everything.  
It’s not like the Spurs haven’t won a lot of championships, but come on…..the freaking Heat?  Come on.

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