Roman’s a Teenager

Today Roman became a teenager, giving me three altogether. Wow. He still always be the baby brother to Max and Mitchell. My parents arrived in town last night and we sat down to watch Jim Gaffigan’s “Mr. Universe” on Netflix. Roman was laughing hard throughout, so today he wanted to watch the other Jim Gaffigan special on Netflix – the one with all the talk about hot pockets. Love that skit. Since my parents like to spend most of their time sitting in a chair these days, it wasn’t too difficult to convince them to get them to watch it.

Earlier in the day we let Roman decide where he wanted to go to lunch and to everyone’s chagrin he picked Panda Express. We could have gone to a delicious Chinese buffet or at least another sit down place we love close to us, but he chose Panda Express. He wouldn’t change his mind. My dad complained the most. I for one did not enjoy that their drink machine served up flat soda.

We also played Fortune Street for his birthday, but this time I was the one doing the complaining. I shouldn’t have been complaining so much as he seemed to enjoy the game just fine, but I didn’t like the 3-D board we were playing on and the fact that we were using simpler rules. We all agreed it was taking too long and we quit, giving Mitchell the win.

We didn’t open presents until around 5pm. Earlier in the week I ordered Roman some gifts, including a board game, a book, and a shirt. It’s a good thing because he really didn’t have much to open. In fact, the first gift he opened was one for Grace. Julie also bought him a hunting game to play on the TV and a lollipop tree, which he would end up sharing anyway. Plus he received another board game. Grandma and grandpa gave him $100 as well.

As what always seems to be the case, Grace opened her presents too today. She received a lot of clothing and some other knick knacks. Girl stuff that I never quite get into. J She also received money from my parents, but half of what Roman received.

Speaking of the board game I got him, we tried it that night. It’s called King of Tokyo. I knew it was going to be rough sailing the first time out. I was the only one that read the rules and only absorbed about 70% of it. I knew I would have to play to get the full picture. To no surprise, my parents did not like it. So tomorrow we will be falling back on classics like Sequence.


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