Grace’s Birthday!

This time for lunch we did it right and went to O’Charley’s. The kids drank some very sweet cherry lemonade as my dad went off about the spiciness of the tilapia. I had a chicken dish on pasta (I believe called Caroline Chicken) that was perfectly fine.

We stopped at Target and Grace went ahead and spent $10 of her birthday money on a hat. When we got home, she started playing with Ellie. Ellie ALSO had family in town. I believe they asked me if they could go skating, but I used the “family in town” excuse. One of these days.

I played a game of King of Tokyo with Roman and Mitchell.  Things were going great this time.  We were getting it.  But then Roman decided to give Mitchell advice, but then claimed he couldn’t take the advice because I already took my turn.  I had done no such thing.  A fight insued between the two of them, Roman wrecked the board (which there’s not much to wreck),and walked away pouting.  Third time will be the charm.

Grace and Ellie came by around 7pm and said that the neighbor’s cousin was supposed to take them to the pool but backed out.  The next question, obviously, was, “Will you take us?”  I really was not in the mood, but Grace would have none of that.  She finally got her way and we all went down there, bringing Sequence with us so we could finally play it.  We were only down there for about an hour because it was closing time for the pool.

Shortly afterwards, it was time for my parents to hit the road.  Until next time.


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