Heart of Africa

I finally played my new Ticket to Ride expansion tonight, although it was just Roman and I playing. Roman was a bit hesitant after yesterday’s King of Tokyo blow-up, but I reminded him that really wasn’t between he and I but rather Mitchell and him.

Though the map is no bigger than the U.S. map, it seems like it is because the map runs the game board vertically rather than horizontally. Based on my inspection, there are not as many long routes on the board.

The designers added a new wrinkle to the game involving terrain cards, which allow you to double points should you chose to use them. At one point, Roman occupied a rather large route just so that he could get 30 points, even though he did not need it to complete his tickets. But his most devious move was taking a one train route in order to block me from connecting up with another route I had started. It really threw me off and I took a long time trying to go an alternate route. I got him back later in the game with a similar move and could have easily crippled him from finishing a ticket by ending the game. But I was nice and extended the game with moves I would not have made ordinarily. Nice paid off this time as I drew more tickets and found I had completed a 22-point route! That’s unheard of in this game. The extra tickets gave me more completed tickets in the end, which gave me the globetrotter bonus. I ended up winning.

Roman always accepts defeat graciously (though who knows what would have happened had I extended the game), and is a very worthy opponent. There is no doubt had we played more than one game he would win some (if not most) of them. But if you have never played Ticket to Ride, I highly suggest trying a 4-player game. It’s the most rewarding.


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