Last Swim Meet

They may have saved our best opponent for last, which is a shame considering that we really needed a win tonight.  Grace continues to excel in breast stroke and I believe won another first place ribbon.  Roman took second in the backstroke, I believe.  Once again, I spelled Julie in doing deep-end judging chores for half the meet. I was paired with a lady that kept spacing out and not calling out the placing of the swimmers.  We totally guessed on one contest.  Good thing there are two sets of judges.  Also, the individual that first came out to look at our kitchen ceiling was running the judging ballots back and forth.  We ended up not using him but I don’t think we ever called him back. I recognized him immediately, and I am pretty sure he recognized me,  but we said nothing about it. 

Since it was the last meet, we went to Yogli Mogli and witnessed the longest line in history to buy yogurt.  Multiple teams throughout the area had their last “party” there and I imagine more people decided to go this time since it’s the last meet.  It’s a darn good thing that place is self-serve.

Tomorrow night they will be doing the annual awards and saying goodbye to some of the coaches, who will be going off to college. Josh has been swimming for our team for 13 years.  That’s pretty awesome when you think about it, even though he met his match last night and wasn’t taking first as he usually does.

So will the kids do it next year?  It’s a time commitment, but it’s over in a month. I sure hope they do.  It’s very good exercise.


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