Aaron Hernandez

The last week has been a whirlwind of media frenzy for Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez.   He was a “person of interest” in the murder of a semi-pro linebacker named Odin Lloyd.  No one really knows much about Lloyd, but Hernandez has been an integral part of the Patriots offense for the last 3 years after being drafted in the 4th round.  He and Rob Gronkowski have made up arguably…..actually, it’s not even arguable. They were the BEST tight end combination when both were on the field.  But today Hernandez was arrested and promptly released by the Patriots.

Hernandez was awarded with a large contract (a seven-year, $41 million) extension last year and turned around and gave $50K of it to the Myra Kraft foundation after signing.  He also became a father last year.  It seemed that the issues of his maturity when he was drafted may be gone. After all, he was never in the news for doing anything bad.

It’s simply hard to believe someone could fall so fast.  Just saw something about how teammates said he had become more “brazen” after he got the contract extension, but no names were revealed so who knows who said this. I’d like to believe he had nothing to do with this murder, but this latest news pretty much leaves little hope.

And let’s not forget that although Hernandez is getting all the attention, someone lost his life.  Maybe that’s a story we can hear more about as well.  I certainly would not mind hearing more about the deceased and what kind of person he was.


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