Opening Night

All the time Julie and the kids spent practicing for “The Wizard of Oz” over the last month has finally paid off.  Tonight I was at opening night, but I was also there to man a table where Julie had some of her crafts for sale.  She had wooden saint figurines and mosaic crosses.  Unfortunately, no one bought any before the show.  And right before intermission, Mitchell (dressed in his Tin Man costume), bumped the table and all the wooden figurines feel to the floor or at least knocked over.  Ugggh.  I quickly set them up but didn’t sell any during intermission either.

So how was the play?  I was very impressed. Sets and costumes were great.  Acting keeps getting better.  Sound was spot on.  It was much better than last year’s “Prince of Egypt”, but it’s a bit tough to beat out “The Princess Bride.”   With that said, I think it did because it had some nice touches, including a song and dance number from “The Wiz” and the image of a baby on a wide screen TV, acting as the image of the wizard of Oz.
But the best part of the whole thing?  There was not an empty seat in the house!  I ended up in the back, still sitting with the craft table.  Tomorrow I plan to go back with the neighbors and this time I am getting a good seat.  
Kudos to all my kids, who were all wonderful.

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