The Ball Droppers

What’s with people not getting back with me as promised or as expected?   I learned earlier this week that the people who were supposed to chop up the tree laying in our backyard will now not be out until the week after next due to someone not filing the paperwork properly.  In addition, after I communicated with Terry at Weedman earlier this week, I expected to hear back from him with a plan later in the week.  Nothing.  So I left a message for him today.  After waiting a week to hear back from my eye doctor’s office, I finally called them back today as well.

Last but not least, there’s the people at my new job.  I have now been there three weeks and a couple people responsible for getting me access to certain work systems have not only not completed the work, but will NOT respond to e-mails.  Now if there’s something holding up completing the work, that’s fine.  I don’t understand what they have to to do.  But to not provide and update when asked is not very professional if you ask me.

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