What’s Up, UGA?

I am shocked to find out that my son STILL doesn’t have a room assignment for college.  Now I am not sure when it was I knew where I would be roomed, but they put on their website that they would be done in May.  I called twice because I was concerned that somehow he got lost in the cracks, but I keep getting told, “They are still working on it.”  I have a novel idea…..how about you update the site or send a message to those students who have not received room assignments and let them know the work is still in progress?  

It brings back nightmares of my first room assignment, and I know I turned my paperwork in early, asking to be on the engineering cluster floor.  Instead, my non-engineer buddy got on that floor when he didn’t ask for it and I wound up on the basement floor with no air conditioning and a bunch of degenerates for hall mates.  It set the tone for me at Kansas State.  I never forgave them, and much to my wife’s chagrin, I never will.

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