I Want My Glasses Back

Today I got to leave work at 2pm today, but it didn’t really seem like I gained much extra time before the holiday.  However, since it was raining, it was good to get out early.  Grace was invited to go skating with some friends and the father, but I decided not to go.  I was worried the father wouldn’t skate and I would be forced to sit around and talk, knowing he’s not much of a talker.  But I would later find out he’s a skater and can even do something I never learned to do: skate backwards.   

Instead of skating, I went over to have a prescription filled from my visit to the dermatologist yesterday.  I informed the doctor that we don’t have prescription coverage (until we hit the deductible), and she told me that the drug was really cheap, as in $10 or less.  As it turns out, she was partially right.  It USED to be on Kroger’s $4 list, but now it is $96 because it became more scarce.  Quite a change.  I decided not to fill it, but while I was there I tried their blood pressure kiosk.  I found out my blood pressure was in Hypertension 2 stage!  And my weight, well, I already knew it was bad.  My weight is driving my high blood pressure, and I am sure if I lose 10-15 pounds I will likely check out just fine, but if I can’t get it down soon, I may have to start taking meds.
I don’t know if it was the high blood pressure, but for the rest of the night my head felt “tired” and my neck hurt.  If it’s not the blood pressure, it might be because I am wearing glasses that have an old prescription.  I turned in my regular glasses yesterday and won’t get them back for a week, which really stinks.  I tried reading multiple times and fell asleep just about each time. Eye strain?  Tomorrow is the holiday so hopefully I can get more reading in during the day.

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