Art Walk in the Rain

Julie and I went to the Art Walk at Marietta Square tonight because she is planning to be part of it next month.  Good thing she opted not to do it this month because, like the last two days, it was wet and nasty outside.  Most of the artists had spots inside some of the stores to display their work, but not all of them.  We saw a lot of variety, starting with an impressionist painter, a guy who makes pottery, a woodcarver, and plenty of other painters.  I would have to say most of the work I really liked.

Though we didn’t buy any art, Julie did buy some earrings at a store owned by an African lady.  There was also a store that sold candy in which Julie bought some Red Vines for a project and I bought a candy bar called “Big Hunk” as well as some Squirrel Nut Zippers (candy, not the band).  Also, we were enticed to journey through a store that sold Himalayan rock salt lamps, in which the sales lady told us all about the health benefits of Himalayan rock salt.  Not sure if it’s all true.
We ate at a place called Hemingway’s since Paul’s Pot Pies was closed (though I can’t say I was ever planning to eat at Paul’s Pot Pies). Hemingway’s had a variety of American food and there was band there getting ready to play at 9pm.  We both had salad and some crab/artichoke dip as an appetizer.  The food was decent, but there choice of silverware and plates was interesting.  It was all disposable.  We weren’t there late enough for the band, though we didn’t leave the square until around 9pm.  We were thinking of going to a movie to keep the date alive, but there wasn’t anything enticing enough so we came back and watched the horrible “How to Lose Friends and Alienate People.”

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