Cut That Lawn!

The tree was taken out (though the did a horrible job of clearing the debris) so it was time for me to cut the back yard, and I wanted to cut it short before they come and spray it for weeds.  It was so weedy it was ridiculous.  I had to set the mower at the highest setting. I got about 25% into it and then realized things were smelling a bit too gassy.  That’s when I saw gas splashing out of the mower because I must have neglected to put the cap back on.  Must say that’s the first time I did that.  I offered $5 to Grace and Ellie if they could find the cap, and I looked for it as well.  It was getting dark and we were also trying to show Chris how the tree cutters did not remove most of the tree.  

Ellie had to go home and I was about to give up and go in myself when I remembered that we had an old mower under the tree house that we never use.  The previous owners left it and I tried to get it to work but I can’t remember what was wrong. I believe the pullstring doesn’t budge.  I removed the cap and it was a good enough fit for the my mower.  I figured I could get enough in before it got too dark.  I am terribly afraid of snakes so if there were any lurking in the grass, I wanted to see them.
I got about 80% done, but that didn’t include going over it all again at a lower setting.  I’ll have to finish up tomorrow.

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