Much Better

Today I finished mowing the backyard and once again had a mishap that caused me to stop.  This time it was a bit more serious in that I could have been injured.  Julie owns these metal cages for tomato plants and as far I can tell she is not using them.  Since the grass was so long, I didn’t notice that one of them was peeking out from under the tree house and I ran right over it.  The mower ripped it from its resting place in the most brutal fashion.  It was faster than my brain could realize what was even happening.  The mower stopped abruptly.  I tried to start it again, but there was resistance.  At that point, I didn’t realize it had sucked the entire cage under the mower.  I turned the mower on its side and found the cage manipulated into a nice little pretzel that I was able to side off the blade.  Wow.

But now I had a new problem. When I had tried to start the mower previously, the handle detached from the cord.  Not sure how it had been previously fastened, but after a little thought, I was able to thread the rope chord back into the handle and tie it in a knot.  Because this took a bit more cord than had previously been in the handle , there was less cord being thread in the mower.  Still, I was able to start it.  What a relief.

I am not sure how much more life that mower has in it, but Ishould at least be able to make it through this season.  I hope.


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