The Door Holder-Opener

Whenever I go through a door, I always hold it open for the person behind me. And I mean for a person that’s right behind me, not someone a mile away that has to come running to accept my door opening. I had that happen to me just this today going up some stairs. I was at the halfway point on the stairwell, and I look up to see a guy holding the door open for me. Why?!? It ended with me awkwardly running up the stairs.

But when I hold it open, it’s so that they can then hold it for themselves without having to pull or push it open. It’s not meant for me to hold it while they pass through, especially since most of the time I am intending to continue my regular walking stride. Yet, I always find that one person that intends to pass through while the door is closing and therefore doesn’t accept my courtesy. Today it was a lady that continued to stare at her phone and didn’t look up as I was reaching back to hold the door open for her. Real nice. Perhaps she didn’t need me to hold the door, but she could have least been looking up. I think I am done doing it. In fact, maybe I will start pushing it shut as I pass through. It seems like it’s usually men that are jerks when it comes to this. And these same men are probably the men that, while standing at the very front of the elevator, stay on until every woman behind them has to walk around them just so they are satisfied that they all got off before him. Unbelievable.


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