The Big Opening

I left promptly from work today as it was the night of Julie’s exhibit at the art gallery. I wanted to be there when it started. I was pretty much on time, but decided to stop at the house. Apparently, I was to do this anyway because I found both Mitchell and Max still there. Julie had told Mitchell to get a ride with me. Also, since I never received word from Julie, I wanted to bring back a library book that I had left on my nightstand. Turns out she did pick it up, then texted while home.

I was ready to leave and then had to wait for Mitchell to change, who came back down in a white t-shirt, as in an undershirt. While nothing says you need to dress up for these things, I knew he could do better than that. After he was ready and I picked up some cheese Julie had left behind, Max decides to go with us rather than drive separate later and I have to wait for HIM to get changed.

We arrived at about 6:20 and some friends of Julie were already there. While there were two artists in the exhibit, the other being a teacher at the place of the exhibit, Julie appeared to have more artwork present. Plus, her friends came out en masse, while I didn’t see as many people there for the other lady, who didn’t even stand very long with her work. But I was very impressed with all the work, especially that of my wife. J

We hung around for a couple hours then Julie went out with her friends while I came back home with Roman. Mitchell and Max had already driven back in my car and Grace went out with Ellie.


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