Butterfly Festival

Got up bright and early (well, not too early) to go over to the Butterfly Festival at Chattahoochee Nature Center. Our neighbors got us discount tickets, which was good for two reasons.  First, the line was crazy long to buy tickets when we arrived, so were were able to walk right in.  But the second reason, and more important, is it was a bit of an underwhelming experience.  

We started by going through the butterfly tent and we were lucky to get there early.  There was barely a line.  Everyone received a stick doused in Gatorade which was surprisingly effective in getting the butterflies to land on your stick.  After about 3-4 minutes in the tent, we were ushered out and inspected for butterflies.  Ellie and Grace were both wearing hats with fake butterflies, so they were inspected carefully.  After being outside the tent for a bit, I looked down and noticed a butterfly on my lower leg. I was pretty sure it was not there before.  I carefully walked it back to the tent and they were happy to have it back.  
After this, we were close to the 11am release time.  This was what sold us on the event.  We stood among a bunch of people in a large open area and waited.  Then a lady dressed in a rather silly costume, who I could barely see due to a tall guy standing in front of me with a child on his shoulders.  She kept talking up the release of the butterflies and telling us to chant “Wake up, wake up, wake up!”  We did this for awhile, and then just as we thought the butterflies were to be released, another man walks up and starts telling us rules about what to do once they are released.  Then the time finally comes and the box is open……and out fly three butterflies.  Then another.  Then maybe two more.  Then a couple more.  Uhhhh….really?  Here I was expecting about 200 to fly out at once.  Disappointing.
I don’t know if they continued to come out, but we decided with no one at the food stands, we would get some food: Shane’s Rib Shack, which I just had for lunch on Friday.  It was a bit early for lunch (only 11:30pm) and I wasn’t all that hungry.  Plus, after we were done eating, there wasn’t really much of a line.
We then walked through the nature center building and then went back to pick up some plants we had bought.  That’s when Ellie realized she lost her butterfly wand.  We ended up picking up the plants and then went back to the shop to get a new wand.  It was finally time to head out, though we only spent about 2 hours there total.  They actually had a 1pm release of butterflies again.  I wonder if it was any better.

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