A Visit to the Office

After church, Julie asked about going out to lunch, though we have gone out to eat way too often this past week.  Still, I had a Sweet Tomatoes coupon that I was wanting to use.  I asked if she would be interested in going to Sweet Tomatoes and then visiting my office afterwards.  I figured the kids would want to see the game area.  She agreed and off we went….with Mitchell behind the wheel and Julie in the front seat!  A rare occasion.

We almost went bust on the Sweet Tomatoes coupon when I realized it required two children and by definition we really only had one: Grace.  But I told Julie that Roman would be 12 for this trip, instead of 13.  But when I got to the register, the cashier asked me who were the children and I pointed to Grace saying she was 11 and that Roman was 12.  Grace burst out, “No!  He’s 13!”  Grace usually mumbles when talking to cashiers.  Not this time.  No doubt he heard it, but Julie and I pretended like WE didn’t hear it.  It was awkward.  In the end, we got the coupon value.
I drove the car to the office and parked us on the 5th floor of the garage rather than the visitors lot.  It was raining off and on so probably better that way.  I wasn’t able to show them the workout center.  I didn’t realize it was closed on Sunday.  We spent the bulk of our time on the 2nd floor, playing ping pong, air hockey, video games, and I even fired up the XBox 360.  I have to say Kinect is impressive.
We visited my cube, which isn’t very exciting.  Grace most especially liked our office and said she would rather live there than our house because it’s much nicer.  Plus, hot chocolate on every floor!   An unexpected trip to the office, but I am glad they got to see it all the same.

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