Another New Restaurant

I spent the day in the field today with one of our sales people.  It got off to a rocky start when I wasn’t able to check my work e-mail before leaving due to a computer issue.  Turns out she sent me a new meeting place that was in the complete opposite direction of our original meeting place.  As it was, I got to the original meeting place with no time to spare, then had to race to the next one.  But once I got settled in and she felt comfortable having me there, things went just fine. It was quite interesting to visit the dealerships and I pick up a lot of information.  It was also kind of fun to ride in a mini Cooper for the first time, even if the seat needed adjusting and it was stick shift.

I had a big, meaty gyro for lunch, which was a mistake.  Hey, they said they had the best gyro in Atlanta!  I had to try it.  It tasted like any other gyro; it just had more meat.  It made me feel bloated most of the day and totally influenced my choice of entrees at dinner.  Since I had to bring Mitchell to the library and Julie was headed back in that direction, I asked her if she wanted to have dinner and she proposed a new place 2 minutes from where I was called Moxie Burger.  So after helping out at the library for awhile, which was fun, I drove over to meet her.  As delicious at their burgers sounded, I ordered salad.  It had bacon on it, but also some disgusting friend green tomatoes.  Pretty sure I am done with those.

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