New Outlet Mall

Since there was another teen night last night in Woodstock, Grace and I accompanied Julie after we dropped off Mitchell and Roman to go to the new outlet mall that just opened this past week in Woodstock.  Though there was not much traffic on the highway, the place was jam-packed when we got to the entrance.  Luckily, I immediately spotted an empty parking space and surprisingly was able to get it before someone else stole it.

We walked around a little bit but we hadn’t eaten dinner yet so we went looking for food.  Unfortunately, the food court was still in development with only a couple places open and the full service restaurant, Taqueria Tsunami, was not serving its entire menu.  We waited there for about 20 minutes for a seat and it was pretty good, but it took away from the time we had to shop. 
I spent most of my time in Lids as they had a $5 cap sale.  I love caps, but that’s mainly because I am bald.  I kind of went crazy and bought two Falcons caps, a Braves hat, and two Georgia Bulldogs hats, one of which was for Max.  But Max later told me that everyone is wearing the snap back flat-billed hats, which is what I figured.  I look ridiculous in a flat-billed hat, so I bought none.  
We also went into a Ghirardelli store, where they were giving out free samples.  We bought a couple bags of chocolates for $2.95 a bag.  Grace and Julie chose Cookies and Creme and I went for a new flavor, double fudge.  I thought the double fudge was outstanding, but unfortunately, when I went back for another last night, I found the bag empty!  I was pissed!  Opening up the trash, I found all the wrappers.  Max said he only had one and Grace and Roman were in bed.  That left Mitchell.  Unbelievable.  Then again, Max went running at 11pm.  Could he be running off those calories from chocolate?  Hmmmm.

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